Welcome to The Orphans’ Woods. The discussion will be on writing, photography, civil rights, and truth, though other topics may periodically present.*

The site is under heavy construction right now, and often delayed by pressing academic requirements, but it shouldn’t take long for it to come together. I’ll be adding to it as frequently as possible, and invite discussion and questions.

I’m currently finishing up my BA in Creative Writing, so it’s likely I’ll post various drafts of random things. Some posts may be resurrections of material from the past.

The site name is an invitation to, and celebration of, the grest northern forests of Minnesota – especially for those who may feel disconnected from, or disenchanted with, the mainstream. Thought, compassion, civility, kindness, and honesty are the virtues cherished here.


Jeff Gitchel



* Just to be clear, there are some who are not welcome here: If you have misconstrued your freedom to speak as an allowance for cruelty, rudeness, deceit, or abuse, then move along. I am not so ignorant as to think I’m required to provide you a place to express yourself. Save us both the time and energy.